Are You Ready to Go Digital in 2021?

Technology has laid its foundation in publishing just the way it has done in other fields and quite obviously has revolutionized it. The only difference is that in publishing, technology can seem to be in its nascent stage. Nonetheless it is being nurtured by budding entrepreneurs, writers and journalists to reach its prime within an estimated span of 5 to 7 years from now. The amount of eBooks and digital magazines publishers has doubled over the last couple of years. Speaking of which, MagFirst is moving their complete focus to Digital Magazine App and Development to give the digital world of magazines a new perception and face and helping the publishers get their publication to the audience with better reading experience.

The dawn of digital magzine
In this era of android phones, laptops and tablets with a fast paced life, the demand for on-the-go magazines have increased a lot. People hardly move around these days with newspapers, as they carry a smartphone or a tablet that tells them all. Hence digital publishing was not at all a long way platform as it was soon to emerge. So publication of books, magazines, chronicles and periodicals digitally has become a must for all publishing houses. Be it a small or a large publishing house, the time has come to gear up as a technical ninja and publishing houses have made it possible for all to accomplish this. The process:

4 steps to your digital magazine
Many publishing houses have already mastered the art of launching magazines successfully. There are no doubts about the fact that launching a digital magazine may not be an easy thing to do however with great design and choosing the right platform will give the magazine a global presence. Here are the first 4 steps that one has to take when launching an electronic magazine:’ Selecting a platform This is the most important decision to be taken as publication houses have to be adept with platforms like magloft,¬†magplus, magcast or even a standalone app. These platforms help in redesigning an already existing magazine when transitioning from print to virtual format or can simply help in aligning content and organizing files for a new e-magazine. MagFirst helps you choose the appropriate platform thus reaching millions readers and helping you monetize your publication in multiple ways.

Setting up developer account Most digital publishers would leave this up to the client but good ones ensure that their clients get all the attention that is possible. Hence helping clients with this section seemed to be an integral part of the process.

Sharing the content Sharing the most important entity would be sharing the content and every publication is well aware of it. Some shared these files via Google Drive and some use Dropbox to make things super easy. In fact this is a vital element of the entire publishing process and a good publisher takes care of the fact that nothing gets disoriented while processing the files.

Designing and publishing These may seem to be the simplest thing to talk about, but are the most resilient ingredients of the whole process of publishing. Designing certainly takes a lot of hard work and a designer has to make sure that the creativity used is resourceful. Publishing on the other hand has to be done with finesse and in a competent way without any doubts.

Niche of the content Before launching the magazine one has to think over the niche or the topics one is passionate about. This will help in creating fresh content to keep the readers glued to a magazine. This means more readers and also will help an entrepreneur understand the significance of their brand. Overall the need to be persistent, listening to constructive criticism and being open to changes are a few of the things that an emerging new digital magazine should believe in. Finding an enthusiastic Design agency is the key to success as they can make all the difference with their expertise of years.

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