Publishing Digital Magazine- How to Start, Market and Publish

How to Start, Market and Publish

It’s tempting to start publicizing your venture through a brand new mode but before investing time or money in digitizing, it’s important to educate yourself about pros and cons of everything so that you are not at the risk of losing momentum. Getting your own digital magazine published isn’t that hard as you might think! Of course there are some sleepless nights and plenty of work especially if you are trying to leverage this mode for your primary venture but all efforts are worth! Here are five tips which you can take note of in order to deliver measurable results and fulfil your goal of publishing digital magazine and ushering with this era of digitization.

Pre-PR is the key
PR is definitely the key to reach to broader group of audience but before rushing for PR, it is necessary to do some homework so that it can produce desired results. Take responsibility of your product and carve its availability and necessity before singing out its launching. This is to ensure that your brand is well articulated and adapts to the paradigms of publishing. A modern up-to-date website consistent with the look, tone and feel of social media is a prerequisite before stepping into the world of digitization.

Focus on Quality over quantity
Your idea of tapping the unexplored area of market through digitization is brand new and hence you have to be careful as already there are lot of players who are struggling to get through this mode. The media outlets which you are planning to choose to market this should be top-notch, meaning thereby that they should have the capacity to bring in audience. If you don’t want your venture to die after a mere period of initial interest then start its marketing before its launch and update them after duly testing and receiving feedbacks.

Optimization basics
You have to define your audience as you can’t waste both time and money by targeting everyone everywhere. Once you have defined your audience, take help of optimization basics to understand the taste of customers. The optimization basics will help in identifying the most effective keywords which have been used and searched by tablet and smart phone users. You can have in-house specialist to do this optimization or job or consult the external one so as to know your customer better.

Utilize the power of social media
The fact that you exist isn’t the news! You have to have an edge to sustain and compete in this world of digital media. Social media is like a deep and vast ocean which you can explore for the benefit of your brand. Since you are planning a digital magazine, it is assumed that you have wealth of original content but to stand out from the average post you have to make it eye-catching so as to create the buzz in social media.

Launching of Tablet Editions
You should ensure that the content, format and architecture of your magazine are tablet-friendly. This is because tablets have played a great role in creating the feeling and experienced that is required for the magazine to survive in this digital era. The layout of the content should be auto-adjusting depending upon reading habits of most of the users. Scrolling, squeezing of text and placement of ads should be kept strategically.