How Digital Magazine is changing the way you read

Digital Magazine is often described as electronic publishing or e-publishing which includes publication of magazines and books digitally. In addition this includes the process of developing catalogues and digital libraries. In short digital publishing can be defined as a method which employs creation of content along with analytics that can be used by publication house in the best possible ways.  

Why get into electronic publishing?
‘Sales’ is a word that alone should be a driving force to get into Digital Magazine. That is correct electronic publishing can increase sales for sure as it keeps the whole archive on sale all the time is yet another incentive that writers and publishers can bask in. Here are some more pointers that can make things clear:

  • More exposure is expected as one get readers from all corners of the world
  • Has the ability to connect directly with readers
  • This means interaction goes beyond comparison
  • Links can be used for instant access as a marketing technique
  • Faster marketing, by simply using an email
  • Free publicity and reaching even more people via social media and networks
  • Expect to save on money by plummeting on printing costs
  • Generating more revenue because of an elevated exposure
  • Monetizing can be easy by incorporating more interactive ads
  • Can get a fair understanding of what they prefer additionally
  • Can collate data to comprehend what flavors are more in demand
  • Writers can get creative while publishing their books
  • Extremely eco friendly – it saves paper, consumes no ink or chemicals and no transportation too

How has is it changed the way we read?

There is no single answer to as it is multi faceted, so it means there are a few reasons that can be jolted down like this:
  1. Always accompanied – The fact that our devices always accompany makes it all the more clear that eBooks, digital magazine and blogs will never leave us alone. One can log into their devices and start reading at any moment they want!
  2. Spontaneous buyer – There are some who buy things impulsively and with the arrival of online payments, this has become a big contributor by the avid reader.
  3. Easy access – The digital libraries ensure that readers have an easy access to eBooks whenever they want to. As a matter of fact people can keep looking for books of all genres any time they like.
With the changing scenario as brought by digital publishing, the transitions are taking place everywhere! MagFirst is a pioneer in providing the digital world of magazines a better reading experience with great design and interactive content and helping publishers attain a global presence. These publishers are well adept with platforms like that of Joomags Magplus, Magcast and Magster. This probably is a reason why these apps on the whole have gained so much of popularity with digital readers, be it on a tablet or a mobile.

Future predictions
The world has already witnessed that Digital Magazine is here to stay and that it has a great future. Days may differ from those of Gutenberg, but the craze remains to be the same and more can be expected out of it. The sheer fact that eBook sales have shown an exorbitant growth from $64 million to a $3 billion in between the years 2008 and that of 2012, it has convulsed the publishing industry all the more. As a result of this many industry stalwarts are now seeking refuge in the domain of e-publishing. With the advent of micro blogging sites like Twitter, this is envisaged to grow more beyond imagination.