Digital Magazine Publishing Most Extravagant Platform to Reach Global Audience

Over the past few years, the entire scenario of promoting businesses and brand name employing niche-based contents online has changed drastically. During a research on conversion rates, it has been revealed that nearly 67% digital magazine readers intend to purchase products and services shown on magazine ads. This is why, today majority of the businesses struggling with market competition prefer to leverage investments in magazine ads compared to banner ads. Following is an analysis of changing scenario of digital publishing solutions and prospects for the niche based content marketers.

Why is Digital Magazine Publishing Gaining Prominence Worldwide?
Annually, over thousands of digital magazines are released in a different niches ranging from parenting, travel and leisure, to pet care, real estate, news magazines and much more. There is a huge audience looking for quality information and engagement in almost every niche. Today people are particular about the type of information they are looking and the sources.

Are You Ready to Go Digital in 2018?
Growth of Digital Magazine Publication Industry
The readers tend to spend more time on the internet spectrum where they can get new feeds, quality articles, and information on products and services on their favorite topics. According to the latest statistics released by the team of research analysts at Technavio in the beginning of 2016, the digital magazine publication market is expected to achieve the growth rate of over 20% taking the business over USD 35 Billion by the year 2020 worldwide. The changing trend of catching news and ads saw a rapid switch from newsstands to News Feeds over the last few years.
Mobile Audience is Important for Digital Magazine Publishers
Most webmasters and business owners despite employing high-end content marketing strategies fail to survive in the neck tight market competition. One of the most vital reasons for this is the absence of mobile site optimization strategy. Following are some significant statistics to focus in the context of mobile digital publishing solutions.

  • The traffic generation from mobile devices exceeds the desktop usage on 39 out of 50 news websites.
  • The average users spend more than 3 hours on their Smartphones and Tablets today compared to about 18 minutes in 2008.
  • In 2015, there has been a massive rise of over 65.3% in the magazine reading among mobile internet users compared to 0.2% increase in people reading magazines on PCs and print versions.

As the global internet audiences worldwide, drift to small screen resolutions for accessing websites and social media accounts, the digital magazine publishers are highly concerned about optimizing the eMagazines for different screen sizes. Today, all site owners including the digital publishing companies choose premium responsive web design to bestow wonderful reading and site accessibility experience to the users. 

Want to Publish a Digital Magazine

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