Digital magazine best practices and advantage

The niche based digital magazine publishing industry is heading towards an enormous growth while incorporating modern technologies to bestow fabulous visitors’ experience across different screen size devices. There has been rapid transition in the digital publishing technologies and approaches in the recent years. Considering the constant growth in readership and lead generation from magazine ads, it is high time for the enthusiasts to consider the best industry practices to regulate successful eMagazine publication.

Daily Content Distribution
Content whether in the form of videos, texts or images help to engage the audiences. The regular audience expects to see new contents every day. Digital magazines with new posts on daily basis are at a greater advantage of achieving leads and the advertisement opportunities.

Optimize Contents for the Mobile and Tablet Devices
If your digital magazine is not accessible on Smartphone or tablets, there is the possibility of losing nearly 30% of the visitors every day on average. Following are some qualities to focus while optimizing the landing pages for mobile devices.

Provide best user experience on the magazine pages through easy navigation and simple accessible menu
Maintain legible text fonts and crystal clear images on all pages
Faster page loading and offline accessibility for less data consumption
The texts, images, videos and other graphics elements with zoom in and out features
Social media buttons for one touch sharing compatibility

Faster Loading
The competition is growing in every niche industry giving the visitors plenty of choices. Digital magazines taking more time to load the landing pages can be risky for higher bouce rates. Incorporate PDF Images and compact HTML coding to enhance faster page loading even for users with poor internet connections.

Prioritizing Advertisers’ Requisites
The digital magazine contents capable of engaging the target audience are of great value to the advertisers. The marketing teams consider the lead generation prospects of the landing pages when placing mobile ads, banner ads etc. Depending on the business niche and the advertisers’ requirements, it is important to structure and distribute contents properly.

Benefits of Standard Digital Magazine Publishing Practices

  • Global Brand Exposure– Helps to reach the customers worldwide with a brand message
  • Accessibility on Multiple Screen Sizes– Seamless and flexible grid adjustments allow best user experience for visitors on different screen size devices
  • Low Cost Investment on Digital Marketing– Reduced publishing costs compared print magazine issues
  • Earning Prospects– Opportunities to reach wider spectrum of advertisers and eCommerce ventures for higher revenue generation
  • Generate More Promising Leads– Find potential leads and traffic to the online content through effective link building strategy

Where is the Digital Magazine Publication Industry Heading

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid growth in readership of digital magazine compared to the traditional print magazine. The corporate organizations and entrepreneurs eye eMagazines as the major digital marketing weapon to beat the competition. As the audiences find engaging content in form of podcasts, games, videos and other animated presentations, the digital version of print publications also fail to create a mark. Today the digital magazine publishers are highly focused on delivering presentable magazine formats with best user-friendly accessibility, professional content structuring, integration of advanced design technologies and mobile optimization to name a few.